Dental fillings are one of the most common dental procedures that general dentists come across. These fillings are most often used to treat cavities, but sometimes they are used to repair worn down, broken, or cracked teeth. At Enamel Dental, we focus on educating our patients about dental health and care. To do this, during our consultation we will discuss why you got a cavity in the first place. This type of education is important for the prevention of any future cavities and therefore any future fillings.

The dental filling procedure usually follows these simple steps:

  1. Making you comfortable. We apply a numbing gel before the initial local anesthetic injection. We then give the injection to interrupt the communication between the brain and the tooth so that you feel no pain during the procedure.
  2. Removal of tooth decay
  3. Repair the damaged tooth with a filling – there are several filling options which we will cover in our initial consultation.
  4. Final touches based on which filling is chosen.
  5. Finished!

Once the procedure is finished, you might feel some sensitivity for the next few days- this is completely normal. We guarantee all of our procedures for one year, so if you have any questions we always welcome you to give us a call!