What Makes A Selfie-Worthy Smile

Now more than ever, all eyes are on our smiles.

This is the selfie generation. We snap selfies everywhere we go, to show the world where we’ve been and who we’re with.

Our faces are everywhere online. Facebook. Instagram. Tinder. We are judged by complete strangers and people we barely know, with nothing more to go on than one snapshot of our lives. A status update. A profile photo.

We make decisions quickly. To follow or unfollow? Friend or unfriend? Swipe right or swipe left?

In this climate, online dating brings both convenience and added pressure to “measure up.” In its latest Singles in America study, dating site Match.com found that 42 percent judge a potential date by their photos; 37 percent by their teeth/smile. More than half (51 percent) say social media has made them feel more self-conscious about their appearance.

“In its latest Singles in America study, dating site Match.com found that 42% judge
a potential date by their photos; 37% by their teeth/smile.”

At the same time, most singles are trying their hand at online dating. Fifty-three percent have created a dating profile, and 40 percent have dated someone they met online.

Popular selfie retouching apps like Facetune enhance the snapshots we share – all for the sake of appearances. They smooth out wrinkles, remove blemishes and whiten teeth. But what happens when you meet someone in person, without the benefit of that photo filter?

Often, the first thing others are drawn to is your smile. If you have a perfectly straight, white smile online, but in person, your teeth are stained and crooked, people will notice. Celebrities, no strangers to the spotlight, have been brightening and straightening their teeth for years. They get their Hollywood smiles from cosmetic dentistry procedures such as whitening, bonding, veneers and Invisalign.

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