How Can Dental Implants Help You?

  1. Help restore a confident and beautiful smile.
  2. Restore any issues related to having damaged teeth- chewing, digestion, speech, etc.
  3. Implants can be an excellent resource to help support and secure a bridge or a denture; making them more comfortable.
  4. They can help minimize shifting teeth by eliminating the space near a missing tooth.
  5. Resolving pain in the joints or in the bite.
  6. Ensures optimal dental health.

Dental implants are essentially roots and teeth, usually made up of titanium, and are placed in the upper and lower jaw bones by a dentist or a gum specialist (Periodontist). Implants are nearly undetectable which is one of the reasons many patients choose this route to enhance their smile. They also help to ensure dental health by providing more stability for your teeth

There are extensive X-rays and impressions taken of the teeth, as well as the jaw, to determine spacing available for the implant based on bone and gum tissue. Once these things have been determined the implant is surgically placed into the bone. After this point, it can heal and integrate itself onto the bone. After everything has healed the artificial teeth are securely attached to the anchor, creating a healthy and happy smile.