Though you may think that your dental health can be maintained with your daily routine of brushing and flossing, it is incredibly important for you to still go to the dentist. Dental health is not something to be taken lightly, nor should your visits to the dentist. Even if you have been to the dentist recently and think that because you are in your early adulthood that you are fine, going every 6 months is imperative to your dental health and overall health in general. At Enamel Dental, we serve the West Loop Chicago area with expert dental services to help provide and maintain excellent dental health. Let’s take a look at why it is important for you to go to the dentist.

Deep Clean 

Brushing your teeth is great in maintaining dental health, but it is extremely important for you to go to the dentist so you can get the clean you need. We use specialized equipment to ensure that your teeth are properly cleaned, your gums are healthy and remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. Then, fluoride may be used when appropriate to ensure that the teeth are properly cleaned to maintain tooth strength and prevent tooth decay. When plaque is built up, it can be extremely difficult to remove and can transform into tartar. Tartar is even harder to remove, and the buildup can be avoided with bi-annual trips to the dentist.

Protect Your Teeth

Without going to the dentist, your teeth can face some damage that can linger around for years on end. Next to daily brushing and flossing, routine visits to the dentist are essential to protecting your teeth and ensuring that they remain healthy. Tooth loss can occur down the road if proper dental care is not maintained at a young age, and it’s imperative to ensure that you are proactively protecting against the risk of tooth decay or tooth loss by regularly scheduled visits to the dentist.

Identify Any Problems

A visit to the dentist allows you to not only get a deep clean to protect your teeth, it also serves as a way to effectively identify any dental health problems there may be. Cavities cannot be properly treated without a trip to the dentist, nor can nerve issues that can lead to immense pain and discomfort. Furthermore, a variety of other dental issues cannot be properly addressed without the usage of dental x-rays, which can only be taken at a visit to the dentist.

Feel Great

There’s no doubt that a healthy and beautiful smile can make anyone feel great, and a trip to the dentist is one way to ensure that your smile remains beautiful and healthy for years to come. With bi-annual trips to the dentist, combined with daily maintenance of your teeth, can help you maintain healthy teeth and a beautiful smile, resuling in your feeling great.
Don’t jeopardize your dental health by not going to the dentist. Contact Enamel Dental to schedule an appointment today!