1. Tooth Trends: Are They Here to Stay

    Tooth Trends: Are They Here To Stay?

    Many people express their personality with their clothes, their hair or their nails. Some, however, go a step further and show it on their teeth. Making a fashion statement with your teeth is ok as long as tooth health takes precedence over style. Here are just a few of the trends that have taken root in recent years. Are they here to stay? You decide. Colorful Braces Some people who wear braces f…Read More

  2. Stressed Out? It Can Impact Your Teeth

    Stress affects our bodies in many ways, but have you ever thought about the way it impacts your oral health? One common response to stress that dentists often see the effects of is teeth grinding. This typically happens at night (though some people grind their teeth while awake, too), and most people are not even aware that they do it. Over time, grinding wears down the teeth and could potentially…Read More

  3. Toothpaste Tips, Which do I Choose?

    Do you find yourself staring mindlessly at the vast array of choices in the toothpaste aisle? Whitening. Tartar Control. Sensitive. Do you really need a toothpaste with so many ingredients? For the most part, you probably don’t. The most important thing is to brush at least twice a day, making sure the brush is reaching all surfaces of your teeth. Most toothpastes contain these basic ingredients…Read More

  4. oral-cancer-are-you-at-risk

    Oral Cancer: Are You At Risk?

    When you visit the dentist’s office for a checkup, they are not only looking for cavities and cleaning your teeth. They are also checking for oral cancer. Oral cancer is part of a group of cancers relating to the head and neck called “oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancers.” They include cancers of the mouth, cheeks, lips, tongue, hard and soft palates, and throat. During a dental exam, the d…Read More

  5. Enamel Dental to Provide Free Oral Cancer Screenings

    Enamel Dental to Provide Free Oral Cancer Screenings

    In recognition of National Oral Cancer Awareness month in April, Enamel Dental Studio will be providing complimentary oral cancer screenings at its West Loop location for the entire month. Those who participate will receive a free screening and consultation with Enamel dentist, David Choi, DDS. According to The Oral Cancer Foundation, the death rate associated with this cancer is high, not because…Read More

  6. Best-and-Worst-Easter-Treats-for-your-Teeth

    Best and Worst Easter Treats for Your Teeth

    Did the Easter Bunny bring you an abundance of candy? If so, you’re not alone. Easter is the second biggest candy holiday, right there next to Halloween. This year, Americans were predicted to spend $2.6 billion on Easter candy, according to the National Retail Federation’s annual Easter survey. So what to do now with all that candy? If you are worried about your teeth, keep in mind that you d…Read More

  7. No-More-Goop-Digital-Impressions-Instead

    No More Goop! Digital Impressions Instead

    At Enamel Dental, we believe that we have a responsibility to our patients to keep up with the latest technology in dentistry. Investing in state-of-the-art equipment and staying current with new dental techniques are ways we can give our patients the best possible experience. One example is the way we now do impressions -- molds of the mouth made for procedures such as implants, crowns, bridges a…Read More

  8. Dental-Drills-Air-or-Electric

    Dental Drills: Air or Electric?

    Your dentist tells you that you have a cavity and need a filling. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? We would venture to guess that the answer is the drill! That “whir, whir, whir” sound of the dentist’s drill is a fixture in many patients’ memories. And research shows that just hearing that sound induces anxiety for some people. So if dentists have a way to minimize that noi…Read More

  9. Time To Visit The Dentist Again?

    Going to the dentist can be a nightmare for some people, particularly if they have bad teeth. Some of us just can't help it and they are cursed with teeth that are more susceptible to cavities and other nasty ailments. This is when a competent dentist can be them most important person for maintaining a healthy smile. But what if it has been quite a few years since you have been to the dentist? Cle…Read More

  10. Why It’s Important to Go to The Dentist

    Though you may think that your dental health can be maintained with your daily routine of brushing and flossing, it is incredibly important for you to still go to the dentist. Dental health is not something to be taken lightly, nor should your visits to the dentist. Even if you have been to the dentist recently and think that because you are in your early adulthood that you are fine, going every 6…Read More