Tooth Trends: Are They Here to Stay

Many people express their personality with their clothes, their hair or their nails. Some, however, go a step further and show it on their teeth. Making a fashion statement with your teeth is ok
as long as tooth health takes precedence over style.

Here are just a few of the trends that have taken root in recent years. Are they here to stay? You decide.

Colorful Braces

Some people who wear braces find it fun to add a pop of color by way of the small rubber bands that go around the brackets. These tiny elastic bands come in many colors. Kids, especially, enjoy wearing their favorite colors on their teeth. If they get bored with their current color scheme, they can simply ask to switch it out at the next follow-up visit.


Popular in the hip-hop culture and music industry among celebrities, grills are removable metal veneers, sometimes studded with gems. They fit over the original teeth, which stay intact.

Gemstones or Crystals

Those who do not want a mouth full of metal might choose instead to add sparkle with a tiny gem or two. These can be glued on with a dental-grade adhesive or, for easier removal, using a do-it-yourself kit.

Tooth Tattoos

Yes, they are exactly what they sound like — images inked on the teeth. They are not done on a person’s original, healthy teeth, but can be an option for someone who needs a crown. A tooth tattoo is done at a dental laboratory, along with the crown itself. Tooth tattoos can be removed at a later time by a dentist.

Embracing The Smile You Have

Instead of correcting a gap, or crooked or pointy teeth, a trend is now to simply flaunt your unique smile. For example, some people think of a gap between the top middle teeth, embraced by celebrities such as Madonna and Michael Strahan, as something to emulate.

Whether you choose to follow any of these trends or not, one of the most important choices you can make for your teeth is to take good care of them by brushing, flossing and visiting your dentist for regular checkups. And make sure to consult your dentist before doing anything yourself. Call or visit Enamel’s West Loop location if you have questions about the safety of any of these dental trends.