1. Tooth Trends: Are They Here to Stay

    Tooth Trends: Are They Here To Stay?

    Many people express their personality with their clothes, their hair or their nails. Some, however, go a step further and show it on their teeth. Making a fashion statement with your teeth is ok as long as tooth health takes precedence over style. Here are just a few of the trends that have taken root in recent years. Are they here to stay? You decide. Colorful Braces Some people who wear braces f…Read More

  2. Toothpaste Tips, Which do I Choose?

    Do you find yourself staring mindlessly at the vast array of choices in the toothpaste aisle? Whitening. Tartar Control. Sensitive. Do you really need a toothpaste with so many ingredients? For the most part, you probably don’t. The most important thing is to brush at least twice a day, making sure the brush is reaching all surfaces of your teeth. Most toothpastes contain these basic ingredients…Read More