1. Fall in Love with Your Smile This Valentines Day

    Fall in love with your smile this Valentines Day!!

    Are you looking for a Valentine?  An attractive smile might be just the thing to help you find love -- or at least a first date. In a survey conducted for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 48% of adults said a smile is the feature they remembered most after meeting someone for the first time. We are naturally drawn to friendly, happy people. So the more you smile, the more attractive yo…Read More

  2. Bad Breath: What Can We Do About It

    Bad Breath: What Can We do About It?

    On Valentine’s Day -- the holiday of love -- kissing counts. In fact, on Feb. 14, 2009, nearly 40,000 people gathered in Mexico to set the world record for the most people kissing simultaneously. But imagine all this kissing if you suffer from bad breath? First, you are not alone.  It is estimated that 50 percent of adults have bad breath, and researchers believe that nearly everybody has exper…Read More

  3. Do's and Don'ts of Teeth Whitening

    Do’s and Don’ts of Teeth Whitening

    Valentine's Day is fast approaching. You look in the mirror and notice some unsightly stains on your teeth. But don't worry…there's still time to plan ahead and achieve a whiter smile in time for the big date. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to follow when it comes to teeth whitening: DO know the limits of whitening products With whitening toothpastes and over-the-counter whitening kits, look …Read More

  4. New Year, New Smile! How are you doing with your New Year’s resolution?

    New Year, New Smile! How are you doing with your New Year’s resolution?

    At Enamel Dental, we see patients who resolve to do any number of things for their teeth, from flossing to whitening to braces. Whatever it is, if your resolution seems like a distant memory already, try these suggestions for keeping your dental goals top of mind. Brushing more Most people brush twice a day: in the morning and before bed. But maybe you've resolved to brush after meals, too. The fi…Read More

  5. Gum Care 101 - Brushing your teeth is only half of your oral care routine.

    Gum Care 101: Brushing your teeth is only half of your oral care routine.

    Are you paying attention to the other half of your oral care routine -- your gums? Gum disease is the leading cause of early tooth loss. Furthermore, research shows a correlation between gum disease and other conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. There are two types of gum disease: Gingivitis This is the milder form of gum disease, which causes bleeding, irritation,…Read More

  6. Are You Making Any of These Dental Mistakes?

    Are You Making Any of These Dental Mistakes?

    Brush. Spit. Rinse. Do this twice a day, and your teeth and gums will be in tip-top shape, right? Brushing your teeth is a great habit to have, but there is much more to keeping your mouth clean. The truth is, most of us probably make at least one mistake when it comes to maintaining good dental health. Here are the top five mistakes we at Enamel Dental see our patients making, along with some tip…Read More

  7. Why We Should Know More About Saliva

    Why We Should Know More About Saliva

    Fun Facts About Spit Saliva: You probably haven’t given it much thought throughout your life. It’s simply a part of you, like your hair, your eyes, your toes. Yet, saliva plays a significant role in maintaining healthy teeth and gums, and could even be an indicator of your overall health. Why is saliva important? According to the American Dental Association, saliva “acts as the blo…Read More

  8. The Importance of Senior Dental Care

    Routine dental care can present an issue to the senior population, as they’re more vulnerable to oral health risks, not only because of their age, but because of different lifestyle issues. Since we only receive one pair of permanent teeth, it’s crucial to care for them at every stage in life.   The Washington Dental Service Foundation has found that people over the age of 60 only have a port…Read More

  9. What to Eat for Healthy Teeth

    You probably know that what you eat matters to your health, but did you know that what you eat has a direct impact on the health of your teeth? Eating certain foods can provide your body with the nutrients that it needs in order to build strong, healthy teeth. There are also foods that you can eat that can really do a lot of damage to your teeth and create a lasting impact on your oral health. Our…Read More

  10. Time To Visit The Dentist Again?

    Going to the dentist can be a nightmare for some people, particularly if they have bad teeth. Some of us just can't help it and they are cursed with teeth that are more susceptible to cavities and other nasty ailments. This is when a competent dentist can be them most important person for maintaining a healthy smile. But what if it has been quite a few years since you have been to the dentist? Cle…Read More